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Scott Spencer


Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Amarillo, TX USA
Spouse/Partner: Denise (Adkins)
Occupation: Clerk for U.S. Post Office
Children: James Walker & (w) Meghan
Kevin Spencer
Military Service: United States Air Force  

Let's see, Drafted in 72 (tail end of Viet Nam era), Joined Air Force for 4 years. In 75 disapointed my Mom by bringing home an Irish Setter instead of wife from England. in 76 became Paint Deliveryboy, Salesman, Asst Manager, and Manager of paint store, Then became a Painter, & Paint Contractor, then in 85 Joined the P.O. In 84 I was a mere child of 31 years old when "Denise" robbed the cradle and married me. We didn't even know each other back at Tascosa. She was a "Goody Two Shoes", and lets just say I wasn't.
Oldest Son James is married to Meghan, lives in Kentucky, We have two Grand-Dogs by them (Ugly Boxers). Youngest son Kevin lives at home, is a Bartender at Amarillo Country Club, and in the Summer he is Manager of "Splash" the Waterpark. He's a chip off the old block (not much ambition) but we love him. Rebels of 71, Please forgive me but my two boys grew up in "Sandie Land" It was Horrible. Denise & I got married in 84 by the time of this Reunion we will have been married some 27 years. Now that might not be a record to some of you old Foggies, but it is to me. I love her. I finally got her on her knees the other day. She was on her knees looking under the bed saying "You come out from under there and fight like a man." I just said "Yes Dear". We have a great marriage. I guess our biggest passion these days is our Dogs. We have two Labrador Retrievers. Mine is a Yellow Lab called 'Cactus Jack Spencer' and hers is a Chocolate called 'Bubbles LaBelle Spencer'. We have both worked very hard at training them both. They each have titles at the end of their Registered names. Jack has three titles, plus a CGC (ask me and I'll tell you about it) Belle has two titles and CGC. plus Belle is "Therapy Dog". That is Denise takes her to the Hospitals, and Nursing homes, and "Hospice" places for dog therapy with the Patients. Belle is very mild mannered and sweet. Jack is not. He's my boy. Jack could not be a Therapy dog, because he Jumps up on people, and licks them, He drools almost down to the floor, and he is a wild guy. I don't know where he get's it from. Rattle Snake bit him in 2009 that like to have killed him and me too. He's like my own "Kid". I couldn't tell you how many commands they know. Denise and I have racked up over 40 Ribbons and plaques with them. I'm gonna get one of those bumper stickers, You know the ones that say "My Dog is smarter than your Accelerated Student."
Let's see I've been with the Post Office for over 25 years now. I have "Hated almost every minute". It just keeps getting worse and worse. Wish I could retire, but I need to get this kid out of my house first. Had a Gastric By pass in 2009 lost 127 pounds. feel a lot better. Who knows maybe I can once again go "Snow Skiing". Knees feel a lot better. Do you remember the days when your conversation wasn't centered on your "Aches & Pains" and Medicine. I want to thank everyone for the Birthday wishes in Sept. Oh yeah that reminds me Denise and I have passed another "Mile Stone" We like to go dancing. Well this last Summer (2010) We joined the "Senior Citizens" and go dancing there and we enjoy it. I bet you never thought you'd Hear that Huh?
Denise and I go to Hillside Christian Church. We both love it there. I am in a Mens group there. I must be old we have gone from calling it "Sunday School" to calling it "Adult Bible Fellowship" classes to now they just call them "Groups". Well Denise & I are in a "Group" with Ray & Becky Bryant. Our group started out as having all our hair and its natural color to now not so much hair and it's gray. Next I guess we will be in that "Blue Hair" category. But we do love our Church and our God.
I still love Snow Skiing, My Family, Fishing, Hunting, Woodworking (when the arthritus lets me) , anything outdoors, Oh Yeah and my Dogs. I love Jack my Lab. I can tell him anything and I know he won't tell Denise my secrets!!!
I remember this sad but true joke.
A guy is in an accident in 1971. He slips into a "Coma". He wakes up in 2010. The nurse tells him The good news is your family put all your money in the Bank and with interest it is worth over a million Dollars. The bad news is: "That will only buy you a Cup of Coffee". Scott

School Story:

Summit Elementary
Paramount Elementary
Crockett Jr. High
Bonham Jr. High
Air Force Munitions Maint. Tech School (bomb making 101, Just kidding)
ENMU for a semester
Amarillo College, for a year and half
Specialized there in Pinball, and Snow-skiing
(remember taking Snow-skiing class with Emily Montgomery at A.C.)
Oh Yeah I've had at least 40 years now of the "School of Hard Knocks"
Oh Wait a minute that is not what you want for "School Storys" is it. Well let's cruise down Memory Lane. or in our Cases Let's cruise down "Polk Street". Just how many of us can remember Crusing Polk. Remember the State Theater, and the Paramount Theater. I know I sure did a lot of Cruising. Once some card playing friends of my parents came over and they brought their brat kids who were 3 or 4 years younger than me. I wanted to go cruisin Polk so I told my parents I was gonna go get a Coke. They made me take those brats with me. So Just like in American Grafitti I made them get down in the floor board while I cruised Polk. Here's another one "how many of you cruised thru Stanleys drive-in (Remember when they were called Drive-ins) I remember showing off in Stanleys and ended up running into some guy and had to pay about $200 bucks just to keep him quiet. Who else has some cruisen stories? or here"s one, what was the worst thing you ever did to a "Sandie"? I'm not sayin you tell me. I was talking to one of us Rebels and he was telling me that "Ours was a special Class". You know that is exactly right. That was back when we still had General Reb, & Stars & Bars, Still had a Dress code, Still were the biggest, Baddest, School around Town. of course that was all before Cell phones, Computers, "The Internet" HD Tv. Microwave ovens, GPS's, Computerized Cars, Garage door openers, It was also before Latte's, & Starbucks, also before $3.00 a gal. Gas. (Remember those .28 per gal. Gas Wars. And remember the guy would come out and pump the gas for you.) What did you drive that Senior Year. Mine was a1968 Ford Torino, Bright Red with a whit stripe. Where were you when Kennedy got shot, Where were you when Armstrong first stepped on the moon. Remember Spiro T. Agnew. Remember I am not a Crook, Tricky Dick. Doe's anybody still have an 8-Track stereo. I'm not sure my kid knows what a "Record Album" is. It's mind blowin. "Far Out" Scott Spencer

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